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Budapesti fogászati rendelőnket úgy alakítottuk ki, hogy mind technikailag, mind emberileg a maximumot tudjuk biztosítani pácienseinknek a mai rohanó világban is.

Our goal, as a skilled dental team, is not only to solve dental problems and create beautiful smiles but also to provide our patients with professional guidance and information.

At DalosDent, we strive to earn your trust from the very first consultation and maintain it throughout the follow-up examinations.

Mosolygós, kedves, megbízható fogász csapat Budapest I. kerület

Our Team

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Dr. Dalos Magdolna fogorvos


Dr. Magdolna

Dentistry is not just a job for me. Being someone's dentist is about building a trusting relationship. When the idea of having my own independent practice took shape in me, my primary goal was to ensure that we discuss any arising questions with patients, and the treatments would be conducted in a pleasant atmosphere. We aim to dedicate sufficient time to each individual, ensuring that after the first encounter, nobody arrives at the clinic feeling tense. During treatments, the most important thing for me is to establish a proper, individual connection with my patients. I strive to get to know everyone, because a relaxed, pleasant atmosphere is essential for laying the foundation of trust and collaborative work.
My favorite area is the dental prostheses, and the most beautiful part of it, for me, is when my patient and I joyfully celebrate the final result. I approach the more complex, comprehensive treatment plans so thoroughly and precisely, as the patient were a close relative of mine, as this is how I can work most conscientiously. I graduated summa cum laude in the Faculty of Dentistry at Semmelweis University.
During my residency in dental prosthetics, I spent my specialized years at the Prosthodontics Clinic of the university, where I delved into the complex issues of dental restorations and became acquainted with the latest, modern treatment options. I successfully obtained my prosthodontist certification with an excellent rating.

Dr. Bosch Anna fogorvos


Since my childhood, I knew that I wanted to work with people, and eventually, I found
everything in the dental profession. In dentistry, besides creating something lasting, there is an essential role in building proper trust, preserving health, healing, and creativity. My greatest joy is when returning patients arrive with smiles, and new patients leave the dental chair with a liberated smile. Therefore, I always strive to ensure that treatments are conducted in good spirits alongside high-quality work. To make my patients feel safe, I place great emphasis on explaining step by step the procedures and the reasons behind the chosen methods. I also focus on how we can jointly preserve the achieved results. In addition to tooth-preserving treatments, I am passionate about pediatric dentistry and orthodontics. I emphasize finding a unique approach for each child to make their dental visits an exciting experience. In orthodontics, I love following how patients gradually become more liberated in their smiles month after month. I believe that orthodontics should not only be about aligning teeth but also ensuring the health of the temporomandibular joint and the entire masticatory system. I graduated summa cum laude in Semmelweis University, and after graduation, I started working at the Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics Clinic. Here, I handle advanced cases in pediatric dentistry and orthodontics while also teaching Hungarian and English-speaking students.

Dr. Karabélyos Csongor


I obtained my dental degree from the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Szeged, where I acquired knowledge of the latest methods and techniques. To expand my knowledge in oral surgery, after completing my university education, I joined the oral surgery department at Szent János Hospital, where I gained further experience and continue to work.

I place great emphasis on the comfort and well-being of my patients during treatments; therefore, I aim for painless interventions using the latest pain relief methods. I provide detailed and understandable information to ensure that my patients have all the necessary information about their treatments.

I strive to create a pleasant and harmonious atmosphere in the clinic, where my patients can feel calm and secure.







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