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Price list

Treatments and prices

Our prices are informative; we can provide an accurate quote before the treatment, as every patient and jaw is unique.

Our prices are VAT-exempt.

We reserve the right to change prices.


You are warmly welcome to a condition assessment to ensure the long-term health of your teeth.
  • Control 5.000 Ft
  • Consultation and treatment plan (written) 10.000 Ft
  • Panoramic X-Ray 7.000 Ft
  • Intraoral X-Ray 4.000 Ft
  • Lateral cephalometric X-Ray 8.000 Ft
  • Focal infection research 10.000 Ft
  • Dental examination for pregnant ladies 5.000 Ft

Oral hygiene

In each case, we professionally clean your teeth to ensure inflammation-free, healthy teeth and gums for you.

Aesthetic fillings

We rebuild the missing parts of the tooth with light-cured, tooth-colored, white composite filling material.
  • Aesthetic filling - 1 surface 20.000-25.000 Ft
  • Aesthetic filling - 2 surfaces 30.000 Ft
  • Aesthetic filling - 3 surfaces 35.000 Ft
  • Fibre-reinforced aesthetic filling (for front or premolar tooth) 40.000 Ft
  • Fibre-reinforced aesthetic filling (for molar tooth) 45.000 Ft
  • Direct- or indirect pulp capping 5.000 Ft
  • Direct composite veneer 40.000 Ft
  • Preendo build-up 20.000 Ft
  • Glassionomer filling (long-term temporary) 15.000 Ft
  • Treatment of tooth sensitivity (per tooth) 5.000 Ft
  • Kofferdam izolálás felhelyezése 5.000 Ft

Root canal treatment

We do everything to heal inflamed or broken teeth, and root canal treatment can be a solution to save teeth in bad condition.
Start of root canal treatment, medicated closure
  • for 1 canal tooth 30.000 Ft
  • for 2 canals tooth 30.000 Ft
  • for 3 or 4 canals tooth 30.000 Ft
  • Removal of old root canal filling per canal (in addition to start of root canal treatment) 2.000 Ft
  • Root canal flushing, medicated closure 20.000 Ft
Electrical measurement of root canal length, and root canal filling

Fixed dental restaurations

Fixed dental prosthesis can provide a solution in case of one or more missing teeth; they are suitable for replacing the missing teeth.
  • Crown removal 8.000 Ft
  • Crown / bridge recementation per abutment (made at an other clinic) 10.000 Ft
  • Build-up 30.000 Ft

    fiberglass post and core

  • Build-up 15.000-20.000 Ft

    for crown or inlay

  • Temporary crown, bridge (plastic), made in the dental office 9.000 Ft
  • Temporary crown, bridge (plastic), made by a dental technician 19.000 Ft
  • Composite inlay, onlay 69.000 Ft
  • Ceramic (E-max) inlay, onlay 80.000 Ft
  • Porcelain fused to metal crown / bridge 75.000 Ft
  • Metalfree Zirkonium crown / bridge 90.000 Ft
  • Ceramic (E-max) crown or veneer 99.900 Ft

Dental implants

Dental implantation can be applied in cases of one missing tooth or complete tooth loss too. It provides a solution for creating fixed dental restorations.

Removable dentures

In the case of partial or complete tooth loss, missing teeth can be replaced with a removable denture.
  • Complete removable denture (per jaw) 200.000 Ft
  • Valplast removable denture (per jaw) 200.000 Ft
  • Partial removable denture 190.000-220.000 Ft

    With metal plate

  • Combined denture unique offer
  • Denture repair 40.000 Ft
  • Temporary denture unique offer

Oral surgery

When tooth-preserving treatments are no longer effective, surgical dental intervention becomes necessary.

Aesthetic treatments

If you crave sparkling jewelry, we will make your dream come true in just a few minutes.
  • Tooth jewelry 18.000 Ft

Tooth whitening

If you would like to have shining, white teeth, we have the solution for you!
  • In-office tooth whitening 64.900 Ft
  • Teeth whitening at home (teeth whitening splint + whitening agent) for 2 jaws 79.900 Ft
  • Internal tooth whitening of one tooth occasionally 17.000 Ft

Pediatric dentistry

Our friendly team welcome children with gifts, a children's corner with matchboxes, dolls, coloring pages, and kindness!"
  • Meeting with dentist 10.000 Ft
  • Extraction of deciduous tooth 10.000-15.000 Ft
  • Root canal treatment of deciduous tooth 10.000-15.000 Ft
  • Filling of deciduous tooth 15.000 Ft
  • Fissure closure (per tooth) 15.000 Ft
  • Bonding of deciduous tooth 5.000 Ft


If you desire a healthy, perfect smile, we welcome you at any age.
  • Orthodontic consultation 10.000 Ft
  • Orthodontic impressions, photos 10.000 Ft
  • Láthatatlan fogszabályozás digitalizálás, tervezés 40.000 Ft
  • Gnathological examination 20.000 Ft
  • Orthodontic planning, treatment plan 20.000 Ft
  • Láthatatlan fogszabályozás: Angel Aligner egy állcsontra 300.000 Ft-tól
  • Láthatatlan fogszabályozás: Angel Aligner két állcsontra 400.000 Ft-tól
  • Invisible orthodontics control 10.000 Ft
  • Invisible orthodontics correction 20.000 Ft
  • Láthatatlan fogszabályozás: Angel Aligner unlimited 1.400.000 Ft

    1,5 évig ingyenes kontroll, korrekció. 4 évig korlátlan számú korrekciós sín.

  • Separation 2.000 Ft
  • Fixed braces - metal 195.000 Ft
  • Fixed braces - metal self-ligating 260.000 Ft
  • Fixed braces - aesthetic ceramic 325.000 Ft
  • Molar rings 45.000 Ft
  • Removable appliance 60.000-150.000 Ft
  • Activation fee - removable appliance 10.000 Ft
  • Activation fee - fixed braces, 1 jaw 15.000 Ft
  • Activation fee - fixed braces, 2 jaws 20.000 Ft
  • Myofunctional trainer 80.000 Ft
  • Fixed retainer for decidouos tooth 40.000 Ft
  • Fix retainer (6 hónap garanciával) 30.000 Ft
  • Retainer javítás garanciaidőn túl 10.000 Ft
  • Removable retainer 40.000 Ft
  • Orthodontic miniimplant 50.000 Ft/piece
  • Removal of fixed orthodontic appliance 30.000 Ft
  • Michigan splint 70.000 Ft
  • Michigan sín korrekció 20.000 Ft

Payment method

Payment method, Health Funds

Rendelőnkben nincsen bankkártya terminál, kizárólag készpénzes fizetésre és azonnali átutalásra van lehetőség.

Health Funds
  • Generali Egészség- és Önsegélyező Pénztár
  • Izys Egészség- és Önsegélyező Pénztár
  • MBH Gondoskodás Egészség- és Önsegélyező Pénztár
  • OTP Egészség- és Önsegélyező Pénztár
  • Patika Egészség- és Önsegélyező Pénztár
  • Prémium Önkéntes Egészség- és Önsegélyező Pénztár
  • Új Pillér Egészség- és Önsegélyező Pénztár
  • Vasutas Egészség- és Önsegélyező Pénztár
  • Vitamin Egészségpénztár

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